Our Fees

Our fees are primarily based on the time it takes us to carry out your treatment to the highest standards possible while using the best materials possible. We will always give you a written treatment estimate for all proposed treatment. If you become a member of The Morningside Dental Care Plan, then you could benefit from a 20% discount on many of the treatment fees quote here.

Treatment Price
New Patient Examination £75
Routine Examination Appointment (including all Xrays) £57
Child Private Examination £26
Scaling and Polishing (with dentist) £58
Hygenist Appointment £77.60
Direct Access with Hygienist (for patients not registered with the practice) £87
White Fillings from ... £97
Crowns from ... £490
All Ceramic Crowns £590
Bridges from ... £590
Inlays from ... £590
Veneers from ... £590
Resin Bonding....per tooth from ... £192
Root Canal Treatments (includes all X-rays and final filling)
Root Canal Treatments (front teeth) £291
Root Canal Treatments (premolar teeth) £353
Root Canal Treatments (molar teeth) £520
Extractions from ... £137
Full Denture from ... £510
Partial Dentures from ... £470
Inman Aligner® from ... £1,200
Clear Braces from ... £1,800
Fixed Orthodontic treatment using white brackets £1,750
Whitening - Enlighten® £530
Whitening - Zoom!® £475
Whitening - At home system £290
Botox for 1 area £250
Botox for Multiple Areas £350
Dental Implants (full case assessment required) £1,300
Dental Implant Crown £1,200