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A crown is used to restore a tooth when it is so broken, discoloured or filled that it requires a full coverage cap to provide improved function, strength and aesthetics for the patient.

Many of the crown restorations we carry out are made in all ceramic tooth coloured materials.

All the latest and best materials are used to ensure a high quality result. These materials include 3M ESPE s LAVA®.

3M ESPE s LAVA, IPS Empress 2®

Also IPS Empress 2®. These materials have many advantages over more traditional metal based bonded porcelain crowns:

  • Better overall look due to light translucency. Natural teeth are partly translucent and with metal based crowns this is lost and crowns can look flat, lifeless and opaque. Ceramic crowns look much more realistic as light is reflected and refracted internally.
  • Better marginal appearance due to light transmission. This gets rid of the dark shadow at the gum margin that can be unsightly.
  • Good soft tissue tolerance. The gum tissues can often be irritated due to the metal alloys in some crowns and can recede and/or become red and inflamed. Ceramic crowns cause much less irritation.
  • Crowns are bonded with the latest resin bonding materials such as Rely-X Unicem® for a long lasting protective and secure bond.